Writing – Diversity or Speciality?

What makes a great writer?  Should a writer be diverse or specialized?

When it comes to the actual skill of writing it takes a combination of talent and experience.   The writer must know and understand how people think to present logic, comedy and satire.

The writer must have great knowledge to know and understand certain subjects: history, science, physics, medicine and religion for example.

Depending on the desired goal of the writer for the actual literature and for the writer’s career, diversity and specialty will take on different roles.

Advocates for Proficient Writing

A writer should have ten times more knowledge than they need to write about.  This creates perspective in the body of writing.  It gives the writer options.

A writer should have some experience with the subject in terms of their subject.  Have they seen it?  Have they felt it?  Have they smelled it?  Have they heard it?  Have they tasted it?

A writer should have life experience with their subject?  Have they researched it?  Have they lived it?  Have they communicated it?

A writer should know their opinion:  for, against or neutral.  At all times the writer must know the position they write from.

A writer must write, constantly!  Get better, get faster, get more ideas.

A writer must read!  Good writers write, but great writers read!  Great writers know style, tone and most importantly, other authors.