You NEED a Company Video!

If a picture is worth a thousand words then your presentation is worth a thousand percent.  Company videos aren’t important; they are mandatory!  Even if you are a small independent, you can have a company video.

Many people think you have to shoot the video, however that is not true.  You can shoot a video, but on average a day of shooting is not less at the low end and depending on what you are shooting a couple thousand dollars.

You can gather the material that you have, get the message in order with graphics, get some stock music and photography and videos to fill in and have your company video completed to give your company a presentation and posting that stands up to all of the social media “standards”, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linked In and whatever the next popular place becomes.

Three Great Reasons to Get A Company Video on the FRONT of your site!

Here is a video that did not require any special shooting or photography. Athletes Institute Video

Keeps You Up With the Competition

  1. Brings a Personal Affect to Your Business
  2. Letting People Know What You Are About Saves Your Time and Money
  3. It is Affordable
  4. You Can Use It For Many Promotions
  5. You can see a company video sizzle reel for a company that started without any media or photography.  Juice Internet Commercial

If you would like to inquire about getting your company on a video to promote all of the great value that you have, give us a call for a consultation. 646-345-4139