Media Professional Success

Becomin a recognized professional is not as easy as thr stroke of a brush or even the creation of a novel.  Recognition comes when circumsstances have been cultivated by talent, education, creativity and experience at the right time.  How do you as a media professional make this happen?

Media Professionals Depend on the following ability to understand and perform all or some combination of the following.  You will need to understand the capacity that each has a role in your media pronect.  Consider these career questions about your overall media attitude and aptitude.

Creativity – Can you stay inspired?  Do you have enough material to feed your senses and saturate your creative needs?

Expression – Are you able to place the creativity into a tangible form that others can relate to, enjoy and attache to in a way that they desire more?

Writing – Are your literature skills sharp:  good grammar, appropriate vocabulary for the audience and able to communicate as a wordsmith by crafting words to vision?

Drawing and Art – Do you have the perception to understand at least the basics of art, color, design and drawing?

Recording – Do you have understanding of the difference with the “spoken word” versus the “written word?” And do you have the basic knowledge of recording and audio production?

Singing – How can singing, voice and song play a role in media production?

Informing – If you are in area of journalism, web writing, non fiction or production you had better understand the who, what, where, why, when and how of “informing” others about information that may be paramount to your success or the success of your project.

Reporting – Do you intend to report details, facts and information to your audience?  If you do you wil lmake many decisions about how your personal professional opinion affects your reporting.

Producing – Are you a producer?  Producers produce…period!  They produce everything from literature to movies, but generally a producer is someone who produces a tangible visual or auditory product from an intangible and then (generally) written source.

Reproducing – Being creative is not enough!  Is is said that good artists create and great artists steal…we don’t mean steal work!  We mean that there is no such thing as an original, isolated idea.  Great artissts are aware of others and inspired by them.

Design – Do you have an eye for design?   This can be on the computer, with graphics, with paint, clothing and a host of other forms.  The important thing to consider is how to get a design that others will attach to and follow.