Our fewquently asked quesstions, FAQs come from our readers.

Q.  How many years does it take to “break” into writing?

A.  This depends.  Even if you are Ron Howards daughter, you still have to be good, wether it is writing and directing.  (It would help to be his daughter.)  You may have heard that there is a lot of favoritism in Hollywood.  This is true.  Breaking into the market will usually take about ten years of the hardest most diligent work you have ever performed. but if you do m ake it, it will be worth it all!

Q.  Do I need an agent?

A.  If you want to write for a living, you probably do.  However, agentsl done’t take writer until they are ready to enter the market.  this is from a timing point of view (right literature – right time) and from the maturity of the author in terms of the ability to sell the authors work.  For anyone who has sent out hundreds of queries and read a thousand books on “how to query” you do not have to exagerate or talk loudly to get other artists to join you in frustration.  The best way to turn writing into a living is by doing many of the things writtten about at tThe ommunications Journal.