There is a new face in marketing; it is called social media.  Social Media has lead to a drive to create new innovative ways to market and to recreated the old using different platforms.  One think that we alsways need to remenber is that buying is a personal andn emotional decision.  Ne Media refers to using these new avenues to distribute, market and advertise proucts and services.

The Definition of New Media – New Media is the study and concept that media, marketing and advertising are now interactive between the consumer and the product through digital, Internet and broadcasting.  New Media combines traditional and modernized techniques with new integrated distribution platforms.

Strategies for New Media involve the following distrution outlets:

  1. The Internet
  2. Cable Broadcasting
  3. The Radio
  4. Films
  5. Game and Contest Applications
  6. iPhone Appliations
  7. Print
  8. Word of Mouth
  9. Social Networking
  10. Search Enging Optimization

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