Quit Claim Agreements

A “Quit Claim agreement is often used in writing an in copyright transfer.  This means that a person transfers their right to another without any claim of outcome or without warranty and this is known as “The Quit Claim Release.”

This agreement means that the property is released in full.  It is not an option.  It is a release of property and is used in Intellectual Property, Real Estate and Divorce cases quite often.

The Quit Claim transfer shows that the grantor or owner of the property is releasing the property.  This release proves nothing else.  The grantee must perform all of the due diligence to understand that the grantor has the right to sign the Quit Claim.

Since the Quit Calim is considered “final” it is a good idea to get it notarized if possible.  Notarizing only prooves that the signature of the person is the same as that on the agreement.

If you are signing the Quit Claim, make sure you understand.  Once this is signed it will be next to impossible to reverse.

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