Are Writers Created or Born?

Writers are not born! Sorry!  They themselves are creations of life, training and experience.  How does on get to be a great writer?

One thing that is imperative to be recognized as a great writer; that is to have a following of appreciation.  Not everyone writes to make money.  Some people like to write for their own inspiration or vecause it gives them insight and wisdom.  However, if you are going to write for revenue, you will need to consicer your audience.  Your audience will largely determine your success.  A wise writer knows the audience for which he or she writes.

It takes stamina to build an audience.  Even the back stories of the popular writers of today have tribulations and have paid dues that we often do not realize.  It may appear as instant success until you the follower learn the back story.  We encourage you to get ALL of the details before you formulate your judgment!

Characteristics that make writing easier.

  • Diligence
  • Perception
  • Clarity
  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Experience
  • Understanding of the Market

Learn the “Law of Logic” Writing

Skill Set for Writers!

Diligence – Persistence that is focused on a mission.  There are many types of writers and they require different types of diligence.  For instance, if you are going to be a screenwriter or novel writer, expect at 5 to 10 year learning curve and you can expect some rejection along the way.  If you are going to be a legal writer expect 5 years to become proficient.  There are steps along the way.  Creative writing offers opportunity to experiment; however a career in creative writing is a long road.  The best way to become diligent is to undertake a commitment to yourself personally.  For many reason you have heard the saying “starving artist” or “tortured artist” and “don’t quit your day job!”

Perception – You must have insight and awareness to all the senses and to observation.  This creates an attention to detail and a vision for understanding the correlation between voice and behavior, understanding the relationship between science and the mystic and realizing the logic of the universe.

Clarity – Clarity is a lucidity of all of the senses of the body working with your cognitive intelligence and your emotional intelligence.  For you as a writer to portray vision from words you must have insight as to the natural order in the differences of order and chaos.

Confidence – A writer must write from a position.  That position is the top of the mountain.  From the top of the mountain you can see in all directions.  From the bottom of the mountain, if you look up you will only see one side. Though it is acceptable to present a certain point of view, you the author are the creator who must control and understand all it is to know in your thoughts.

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