The Business of Writing

If you want to enhance your ability to commercialize your writing, you have come to the right place.  We are a society of many senses and our visual and auditory senses are more important now then ever in history.

Writing is a vast business that has changed throughout history.  As digital media increases inpopularity, it is harder to publish written works.  Younger generations have become accounstomed to visual media and instant gratification of the senses.  This is not to say that writing or reading is dead.  It means that you should consider all avenues or revenues of media when writing.

What is “Exploiting Media?”  Exploiting media means that from a base foundation of intellectual property you are able to garnish multiple revenue streams.  This may mean that a book might turn to a movie.  This could mean that a produced song might be sold to a film and produced by another artistto exploit or increase the revenue stream.

What are the ways that you can turn your writing in commerce?

  • Write Articles for Internet, Sites, Blogs, Emails
  • Write for Journals, Newspapers, Specialty Circulars and Flyers
  • Screenplays
  • Novels, Books and Literature Sources
  • Business Plans and Business Literature
  • Curriculums
  • Editing
  • Text Book Writer
  • Legal Writer
  • Copyrighter
  • Resume Writer
  • Non Fiction Writer
  • Journalist
  • Article Writer

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