There are some good sites giving advice, however there are twice as many bad sites.  Good advice is conservative and protective.  Once you assign your copyright (in most cases) it is out of your control.  Therefore, there is no substitute for a good attorney if you are considering such an undertaking. With that said, here… Continue reading Copyrights

ABC is right!(but the Weinsteins win…again!)

ABC is right! by Corey May, CEO The CommunicationsJournal Was this a publicity stunt as they used to say?  We are all much too smart to be fooled by Hollywood in 2011! C’mon now!  How can anyone be surprised that ABC refused to air the My Idiot Brother commercial?  Here’s why according to the Hollywood… Continue reading ABC is right!(but the Weinsteins win…again!)

Production: What Can Go Wrong?

Production:  What Can Go Wrong? Production is a multifaceted undertaking.  Ideas, rights, contracts, performance, technology, crew, relationships, education and economics are all a part of the big picture where the goal is to produce a tangible form of intellectual property applicable for media distribution. Ideas – An idea is just that, an ”idea.”  It is… Continue reading Production: What Can Go Wrong?