This isn’t ordinary communication!

This is our mission!  We turn words to graphics to tell a story, make a point, portray a company and then we develop the product into commerce.  If you are in writing, graphics, communications, media or production you will benefit from the information on this site.

We find that as a professional, in order to be competitive,  you will need the extra edge.  You should reduce your learning curve.  If you are a writer, artist or producer you fully understand that instant success is a rare commodity.  you can reduce your failure standard by learning from the posts on this site by those who have forged ahead infront of you as independant entrepreneurs and independant business persons.

At The Communications Journal we provide services in the trade of communication as well as educating others in the field.

Our Dedicated Services Include

  • Websites
  • Company Videos
  • Logos
  • Graphics Design for Just About Everything
  • Writng and Coaching Business Plans
  • Film Production
  • Script Consulting
  • Media Business Consulting
  • Creative Writing Seminars
  • Trademark Administration
  • Production Consulting
  • Resume Writing
  • Business Templates