Intellectual Property

An idea starts out as a thought in someone’s brain; it is creative, personal and unknown to anyone else.  Somewhere along the line, some entrepreneur decides to bring the intangible to tangible, protect the idea, or develop the idea and if they are smar both!

Companies of the past knew they had something worth protecting and so the patenst office and the trademark office grew like wildfire at the beginning of the 1900s.  The marks of their brand are known as their trademarks, the wordmarks and the service marks.  The protection of their designs are known as their patents.

IP stands for Intellectual Property for the purpose of this site.  Intellectual Property is the creation of the mind, namely literary works, inventions (patents), artistic works, auditory recordings and music, digital recordings, film and video, programming, screenplays, trademarks and service marks (symbols) for their use in commerce.

Because IP is the creation of the mind, it requires protection.  This protection is vested by different authorities and in different ways.  This site will teach you about the process, both success and in trial and tribulation that artists and inventors go through.

Intellectual Property has different phases, from intangible to generally tangible.  Theoretically the only intangible is a trade secret because once it is published, it is not longer a secret.   Other than that exception, the objective is to take a thought (intangible) and to turn it into a tangible product for commerce.

Subjects we cover,

  • Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Registering Intellectual Property
  • Development of Intellectual Property
  • Titling of Intellectual Property
  • Producing and Publishing Intellectual Property

If  you have something worthwhile you need to get as stable a foundation as possible.  Our services include showing you how to protcct your intellectual property.  Call us for a free consultation. 646-345-4139

If you own intellectual Property, you need to protect it!