Business IQ

by Corey May, CEO The Communications Journal

The power of seeing your business from someone’s else’s analytical viewpoint can be quite significant, but the power of having this knowledge and the ability to implement the changes in a personalized and customized way is the empowerment of your Business IQ.

Lets start with a “Recital “ Checklist.

Recitals are the facts, the givens; this is what we must address in our business development.

  1. Math is power.  There is no substitute for the understanding of the money coming in, the money going out and the remaining income profit from a sheer numerical value.
  2. Is your business integration impactful?  Often the infra tructure clashes with the affective integration of departments or flow of business within.  Is manpower being duplicated?  Do you have resources that you are not incorporating because you infrastructure simply functions another way?
  3. Have you created an analytical culture?
  4. Are you making Demand-Fact Based Decision?  Do you have the factual evidence to back your decisions?
  5. Are you developing the talent you need?  Are you developing next generation talent?
  6. Is the process transparent?  Is there openness, communication and accountability?
  7. Are you flexible enough to revise your strategies and stable enough to sustain the mission without drift?
  8. Do you have the right technology and media in place?

Any one or two of these could cost a business a great lack of Return on Investment.  It is hard for the entrepreneur to look down the road when you are driving over the bumps.  Vision just isn’t enough to tip the scales in the favor of the entrepreneur and strategy isn’t good enough unless we know the place of where we stand.

Knowing is power when it comes to your Business IQ!

You can use this document to analyze your company, but we recommend that you set the eyes of others upon you business: the infrastructure, the culture and environment, the revenue streams, the day-to-day function and your plan for growth.

Understanding the infrastructure

Why is this important?  Everything in authority, function and liability stems from this structure.  Want production help?  Call us at 646-345-4139.