Words Meet Design

by Ryan Stetz, EVP Creative Graphics, The Communications Journal

Taking someone else’s idea and conveying it graphically is the job of a graphic artist. This isn’t always the easiest task. It’s important that you get the message across in your design to make it successful. When you’re finished and you step back and look at what you’ve created, you have to ask yourself whether you’re getting the message across visually. Here are some things to check for when you’re asking yourself that question.

1. Are the images used relevant

It’s easy to take a great looking image or graphic and use it just because you think it looks “pretty”. You have to be sure that the images you are using coincide with the message you’re trying to convey. A great design incorporates a great layout with graphics that relay the message that you are trying to get across.

2. Color choice

Different colors convey different emotions. The color scheme of your design can bring different feelings to the viewer. If you are designing something that has a happy or exciting message, you would want to use bright colors that pop and will make the viewer feel happy and excited when looking at the design. Using colors that communicate the opposite emotion or sensation, your design will contradict the words that the viewer is reading.

3. Layout

When designing a successful layout, it’s very important to try and incorporate graphical elements into your layout that coincide with the message that is written. Just like colors, shapes and the way you lay certain graphics out can suggest different feelings to the viewer. If the words and message in your context are calming and blissful, you would want to use softer shapes and a fluid layout than using a jagged shapes and very uneven layout.