Without the graphic artist the intangible would not be put into the visual tangible.

Don’t start the creative process until you have considered the A,B, Cs of Vision to Visual.

Adjust – The graphic artist must adjust the form of what the writer or the though of the intangible.  The form hgas been created by another person in the case of film, television, animation, broadcasting and webworkand now when the graphic artist consumes it, he or she must try to imaging what the creator visualized and ADJUST their own bias to the intention of the creator.  This is not easy and not all creations spell out the desired outcome or create a clear consise picture.  If the project creator did not identify the vision as the graphic artist percieves, then both will make a collaborative adjustment.  For writers out there…sometimes this makes your vision better.  This adjsutment time is important to make a projet or intellectual property the best of its potential.

Basics – Before any great design can occur there must be a basic tangible form.  In the mind of the graphic artist the basics must be undercontrol.  What are the basice?  The color, the shapes, the representation, the symbolism or lack of symbolism must all be considered.  This period of thought and basic design should be considered important, espoecially when doing work for others.

Create – At this point the graphic artist understands the integrity of the visualization and consummates the basic design to start the creative process.  When the creator and the artis have adjust thier views to consensus, and the basic design is in place and agreed, creativity can then being.