Production 101

What is a producer?  That is a hard question because producers multitask to a great deal, but in the end producers produce.  Here are some of our production topics.

The Communications Journal covers topics about what specific types of producers do on the set and behind the scenes.  Production is a very compliated process, much like building a house.  Different contractors have different specialities, yet they must all work together under the “lead” or department head funneling all of these decisions to the producers.

The producers are responsible for the integrity of the project.  They must hae the experience to take the project on the pathway that it is intended to finish:  on time, on budget and keeping the integrity of the project preventing mission drift.

Mission drift is a concept of losing the intent, focuse and core mission of the intended origion of the project.

  1. Here are some of the questions and topics this site covers.
  2. What are the resposibilities of a producer?
  3. What kind of producers provide money or financing?
  4. Do producers make a lot of money?
  5. Is it hard to be a producer?
  6. How do you become a producer?
  7. What type of education do producers have?

Other topics covered on The Communications Journal