Asset Protection

You do not have to be Einstein to understand that your intellelctual property assets are VALUABLE!   Even when they are undeveloped.

First off, for a detailed understanding of Asset Protection you will need to consider a consultant.  Your work is considered an “asset.”  Assets may be garnished by creditors or litigators, however this does nto have to be this way.

Once you get serious, you first step is with the USPTO, the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  This service provides copyright registration, trademark registration and patent registration.  This does not mean your property is safe.  It means that you property is filed to the protection of ownership.  If there is an infringment or claim against you or you have a claim, you will end up in court BUT you will need this registration.  If you do not know how to file this registration, we can help you.

There are many ways to protect your Intellectual Property.  LLCs and trusts are popular ways, however if they are not set up properly with the right titling of assets and deeds, they are worthless in court.  Offshore considerations are also an option; you may want to consider an offshore trust.

The greatest and most preciious advice is to consult the right expert.  Not every attorney understands Asset Protection and not every consultant understands the hard work that you are going to put into development.  We understand the blood, sweat and tears!  Protect your peoperty!  Consult with us for free 646-345-4139.

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