Non Disclosure for Intellectual Property


For any and all developed property for a term of three years by principles of this “Agreement.”

This agreement (the “Agreement”) is made by and between   XXX (the “Executive Producer” or other title) office ADDRESS and,


Contact information

Herein considered the “Prospective” Joint Venture Partner, Investor, Advertiser, Distributor, Producer, Investor, Professional, Subcontractor and the like, (Herein referred to as the “Prospective Professional, Producer, Investor.”

The parties listed above herein referred to collectively as the “Parties.”

The official date of this Agreement is XXXX.


All Parties have certain proprietary contacts, concepts, documents and literary characters currently embodied in graphic artwork and in textual material (the “Documents”).  The proprietary contacts, concepts, literary characters, and documents are called the “Project(s).”

THEREFORE, the parties to this Agreement agree as follows:

Both Parties may review the Projects for possible investment, production, advertising and marketing sales and potential revenue for Prints and Advertising in all media forms available to the companies worldwide.  Each Party agrees to keep proprietary information will confidential by the signatory of this agreement.

Therefore, the parties to this Agreement agree as follows:

1.  AUTHORIZED USE– Parties may review the Projects to determine the desirability of entering into subsequent general and specific agreements.  Representations to third party companies or individuals shall require such parties or individual to be approved before any representations or negotiations are initialized.

Other than the above stated authorization, the Parties shall not present the Project for any other purpose or use to any other party, and shall not disclose the Project to anyone without notice in writing to the other party.

Each Party is responsible for their agents, producers and employees or any third-party investor introduced to the Project.  The Parties shall not disclose the Project to anyone, or entity and shall be liable for such use or disclosure.

2.  DAMAGES–Since the concepts, characters and documents relating to the Project are valuable trade secrets belonging to the Parties, if anyone or entity to whom the Parties disclose the Project breaches this Agreement, the Parties shall be entitled to remedy in the court of jurisdiction.

In addition, the Parties to this Agreement recognize that the above stated liquidated damages are an inadequate remedy for a breach of this Agreement, thus the Parties shall also be entitled to injunctive relief in the event of a breach of this Agreement.

3.  EVALUATION TIME LIMITS–If the Parties decide not to enter into an agreement both Parties shall return, if requested, the Documents and Artwork (should any be used) within two (2) weeks from the request in writing by either party.

4.  TIME LIMITS, TERMINATION AND APPLICABLE LAW –This Agreement terminates when the Project becomes under second Agreement or public information is disseminated with permission of both parties, unless breach of this Agreement has occurred, the Parties or those to whom the Parties disclose the Project, are partly responsible for information relating to the Project becoming public.  The reciprocal non-disclosure is enforced for a term of 5 years and all parties agree not to contact the other party’s contact without permission for the term of 5 years or in the instance a new agreement is generated with different time constraints.  The law of the state of XXXX shall apply to this Agreement.  The State District Courts in CITY AND STATE have jurisdiction and venue over any dispute involving this Agreement.

5.  RECIPROCAL AGREEMENT IN FULL FORCE — This agreement in full force and is reciprocal and reversible with consideration to property, contacts, investors and producers of both Parties.  This agreement shall in no way be deemed as acceptance of submission by either Party.

6.  AMENDMENTS TO THIS AGREEMENT — This agreement may be amended in writing with the acceptance of both Parties.

7.  EXECUTION OF SUBSEQUENT AGREEMENT — Fees, costs, monetary exchange and the like shall be determined by separate agreement titled, “the contract” in the event that mutual business is agreed upon by both parties.

8.  ASSIGNMENT — This agreement is assignable in writing as agreed by both parties.


Both Parties/Title

*Disclaimer – This is not intended as legal advice and your attorney should be consulted before you attempt any transactions.