Gaining access to the market is a journey!  Persistance, persistance, persistance!

The process of publishing can be difficult…or  you click “publish” on the wordpress template and bingo, you’re puslished.  BUT is being published the issue?  As writers we all need to consder who is reading our writing!  How do we develop an audience?  Here are some ways you can move toward the big leagues and yes that mean publishing your writing for money or converting your money to a career…and here are some warnings!

How To

  1. Write and post wherever you can, Ezine is a good start,  You can submit articles about anything.
  2. Practice!  Just write and write and if you stick to a subject, you just might have enough for a website.
  3. Do you have the right software?  Example – Screenwriting – Do you know who Write Brothers is?  You need to have a professional and industry standar approach always!
  4. You will need to consider representation; this means an agent.  This is probably the toughest game.  You don’t pay an agent, they sell your work.  therefore, if there is no market for your work, then you will be wasting a lot of mailing money to submit.  Since practice makes perfect, check out Miss Spark’s blog where you can see how agents talk to clients.


Learn your field!  There is more than one way to get to the final goal.  You will need to do due diligence on the people you meet.  Not everyone is the “real deal.”