Kids and Communications Law

With Communications Law and Advertising Regulations persuading kids is high tech!

Communications Law applies to those who produce media, products, advertise and market to children.  Children are a special population who need to be protected.  Knowing these restrictions from the beginning of your planning, whether it is literature, art, video or advertising is extremely important.

Here are some concerns about Communications law and children and the subjects that the writers and editors of this site will be watching to update you about.  Keeping yourself updated if you intend to be a media producer is one of the most important practices you can undertake.

Regulations on Children and Television – Do you understand the how the market is affected by age groups for television for marketing, advertising and television.  This site aims to clarify and post current educational articles on this topic.

Regulations of Children and Advertising – Advertising is specifically affected when the target audience is children.  In general the strictest markets for advertising are children, alcohol and tobacco.

Regulations on Children and Health Marketing – There is a recent emphasis on the well-being of children and the concern that advertising has a deliterious affect on health, body image, body fat and psychological health.  This site will keep you current on these details.

Regulations on Children and the Internet – The Internet is currently one of the most controversial aspects of The Firat Amendment and the right to expression unabridged and unaffected by the government or regulatory agencies.  One of the allowable regulatory audiences is the advertising of children’s products and media.  The Internet is regulated much like television for children.  If you are producing children’s media you will want to watch this site for updates!