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Many business people are asking questions abour marketing and what is the big picture for 2011.  What works and what doesn’t?  How big of a role does social media play?  What are business trends in social media?

Question: How much do journalists rely on blogs for information?

89 % of Journalists Use Blogs as an Information Source – Study by Cision andn Don Bates of The George Washington Universit

Discussion: Blogs are opinion.  Check the blogger’s credentials and authority of the information.  Secondhand information is secondhad inforamtion.

41% of Those Who Use Twitter Have Gained At Least One New Customer – The Hub Spot

Question: What Interenet business are growing?

Social Gaming revenues are up 27% in 2011.  Social Gaming revenue will siurpass 1 billion.

Discussion: if you are working on a social game, work fast!  Once the competition sees this – they will be kncoking at the door. These are called virtual items and virtual services adding up to virtual sales.

Question: Do the users of social media understand the technology and strategize the use?

41% of The Business People Who Use Social Media Said They Have No Strategy – Online Media Daily

Discussion: Understanding the value of social media and gaining the full advantage requries a team.  FaceBook, Google, Wikipedia, MySpace are all creations of multiple people with different expertise.

Question: How are employers blocking social network sites from employees?

Facebook is the most blocked site by employers.

Discussion: Employers are blocking Facebook, YouTuve, MySpace and Twitter along with porn.  This shows an increasing concern among business proprietors concerning social networks sites and employee participation during work time.

Question: What os the most visited site in the world?

You might think Google, but in 2011 Facebook over took Google.

Discussion: Competitors are rising and if you look at MySpace and the decline, it shows one thing for sure:  in the free market, you can not say with 100% exactness what will be the next “boom.”

Question: How much time do Internet users spend on social media sites?

13.5 Minutes of every 60 Minutes are Spent on Social Media Sites

Question: How accurate is Wikepedia?

Wikepedia has over 13 million articles and research show that it is becoming more accurate.

Discussion: How big is Internet TV?

Hulu has grown from 63 million to 373 million users.

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