Asian Domain Name Scams

Asian Domain Name Scams are on your email if you own a “public domain” or have “contact” on your site!

Did you receive an email lately that informs you that you have to buy foreign domains because a company whose name is identical to yours is claiming your already owned domain?

It is called the Asian Domain Scam!  These emails have to .asia, or ,co or .hk (Hong Kong).  If someday your brand is building, you can if you want take it off the market, but it is going to cost you some money.  Usually the third arty that the email informs you of never exists.

This is basically a scare tactic to get you to buy something you would not otherwise buy.  Think about this.  There are over 250 domain extensions like .com or .net to choose from.  If you are not going to Australia to do business then the domain is probably be of little concern.

However if you plan to do business in any foreign countries, you has better get your business in order and protect what you need to conduct a solid Internet campaign.