Deal Memo Template – Simple Form


This agreement, hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement” is entered into

on _______________ by and between XXX, “XXX” and




Birth date:

If under 18 – I certify under affidavit that I have the legal authority to give signature

and sign for this minor for this role______________________________________


Social Security Number or EIN:

US Citizen:    YES     NO     Green Card or Work Permit NumbeR

Emergency Contact:




Medical Alert:



n the event of an emergency, I allow MMP and their assigns to release this information:


AGREEMENT FOR THE ROLE OF ________________________________________

And possible other appointments.

Hereinafter referred to as ”Crew/Cast.”

1.  ENGAGEMENT – The Crew/Cast will render their services for the MMP, the Producers, its employees, board members,

successors and assigns, under all of the terms, provisions and conditions of this Agreement by performing the services of

Service Rendered:

For the film, documentary, short film, television, short and all derivative works from the tentatively titled

literature:  XXXX.

2.  TERMS – Subject to and as modified by the other terms, provisions and conditions of this Agreement, the term

of this Agreement shall commence on or about the ___________day of XXXX and continue

until the _______________day of XXXX, year.

SCREEN CREDIT – shall be given as such,

Nothing herein shall be construed as obligation for the PRODUCTION COMPANY, the Producers to

(or the THE TITLE, to release the film, distribute the film, exhibit or advertise or exploit THE TITLE

or permit or authorize any other person, firm or corporation to do so.

3.  DEFINITIONS – “This Agreement” means the entire contract (including any attached provisions, riders, exhibits

and/or schedules) as it may be amended or supplemented by written agreements signed by the Crew/Cast

Member and by PRODUCTION COMPANY. “Film” means any recording for future visual production (with

or without sound) using devices now or hereafter known or conceived.

4.  COMPENSATION – PRODUCTION COMPANY shall compensate the Crew/Cast Member

during the term of this agreement for a flat fee of _______________________.  The installments

(if applicable) of this payment are as such:


Final Pay:

5.  SERVICES, SUPERVISION AND CONTROL – The Crew/Cast Member will comply with all reasonable directions,

requests, rules and regulations of PRODUCTION COMPANY and perform services to the best of the ability of the Crew/Cast

Member as required by PRODUCTION COMPANY.  PRODUCTION COMAPNY’s judgment shall be final in all matters,

including all matters involving content, artist quality and direction.  PRODUCTION COMPANY, it successors or assignees

are the sole and exclusive owner of this film including all rights, use and all other issues of ownership.

6.  TERMINATION – PRODUCTION COMPANY may terminate the services of the Crew/Cast member if the

Crew/Cast Member fails to perform services as agreed herein.  PRODUCTION COMPANY may exercise such

termination rights at any time by verbal notice followed by written notice in 24 hours at anytime.

7.  INSURANCE – PRODUCTION COMPANY maintains a General Insurance policy for “liability only”

and does not employ the Crew/Cast.  The Crew/Cast indemnifies the Producer from all issues arising f

rom their employment and from harm in participation on the project including injury and loss to person or

property, while on the set, to and from the set, in the studio, or any place of business relevant to the filming

of the project.

8.  LAWS GOVERNING THIS AGREEMENT – The laws governing this agreement are the state of XXX.

Any disputes arising from this Agreement shall be venued in a court of competent jurisdiction in XXX County, STATE.

9. ASSIGNMENT – PRODUCTION COMPANY may assign this agreement to any persons or entities hereunder to any

person and to the extent that such person assumes the obligations hereof with notice to Crew/Cast, PRODUCTION

COMPANY shall have no further obligations under this Agreement.

10.  MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS – The Crew/Cast Member warrants that they have no commitments that might interfere

with the Crew/Cast Member’s ability to comply with this Agreement and will perform their duties and obligations hereunder

faithfully, without delay or hindrance or any kind, and under the full direction and instruction of PRODUCTION COMPANY,

its employees, agents and assigns, addition until such time as the film is released to the public, if ever, Crew/Cast agree to

maintain confidentiality regarding the script, the literature, the process and the filming.  This confidentiality restriction

will survive the termination of this agreement, but will not prevent Crew/Cast from professional credit to their obligations

under this Agreement.

This Agreement is the entire understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof.  This Agreement may not

be modified except in writing.  No representations or warranties have been made except for those expressly provided herein.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereby signify their acceptance and agreement of these terms and provisions.

PRODUCTION COMPANY/TITLE                                                                          Crew/Cast Member


This is not to be considered legal advice.  Consult your attorney before any transaction.