Video Production

The phrase “video Production” is very broad in terms of the possibilities.  We develop and produce videos with and without shooting.  Many people think that company videos cost thousands of dollars,, but this is not so.

Your company probably has tons of footage, still photographs and other material suitable for company video.  You can shoot a video, but the single most important element of the video is that it tells a story.

The style you choose, the music, the length are all elements that fit within the story, they do not dictate the story.

We can prouce your company video, family video or even edit your wedding video. The reason we go into this detail is to help people understand that you can start with a sizzle reel and gain a lot of attention, investment, distribution and interest.

NextLevel-AdCut2-Retailers-MPEG-4 800Kbps-1

If you have stock pictures and video you may be able to have a great internet commercial or sizzle reel.  A visual is worth a lot and bringing your vision to life…priceless…if you make it!